Whatsapp Ipad Version Coming Soon Instant Messaging Application

Whatsapp is a mobile instant messaging application, acquired a few years ago by facebook. Which has more than 1.5 billion active users each month. Your smo agency is there to help you if you want to work on your social media strategy. The mobile application was adapted to ipads last month. An announcement was made: the ipad version of the application arrives 10 years after the Taiwan Phone Number List creation of the tablet. Whatsapp, which will soon no longer be available on iphones with a version prior to ios 8, is currently. Still incompatible on tablets. However, the platform listened to. Its users and therefore decided to adopt the version of its application to ipads.

The Announcement Was Made by the Wabetainfo Site

This new version will also benefit companies that follow one of the digital marketing trends of 2019. That is, brands that use WhatsApp a lot to easily and quickly connect with their customers. The development of the new version of the application. It has already been several weeks since the platform began developing the application for iPad. The new version will arrive with the Taiwan Phone number app update 2.19.40. However, the beta has arrived on test flight, an apple app that aggregates. Beta versions of apps so people can test them and thereby help developers improve them.

The Developers of the Application Are Only Working on the Version

The interface of WhatsApp on ipad as for the WhatsApp application interface on iPad. The design remains identical to that of the version on mobile or that on the web. The functions also remain the same. Such as being able to make audio and video calls, for example. After the announcement of the WhatsApp, applications adapted to the large. With screens of pads, internet Taiwan Phone Number List users are asking themselves a new question. When will Instagram also have its version on tablets? Indeed, after almost 10 years. The photo and video sharing applications are still not compatible with tablets.

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