How to Know if Your Vendors Are Working or Not

For a company it is very important to know the performance of its work team, especially when it is a company dedicate to commerce, in this sector it is very important to know the performance of its sales force , since it depends on this to increase the profits of the business, Knowing if you have a qualifie and work-oriente salesperson is the correct way to know if you are on the right track. There are tools that can provide you with this knowledge: Marketing automation and sales CRM are the elements that we will know to help you on this important issue. The correct performance of your vendors will result in more sales Knowing the performance of your vendors will guide you to take the necessary strategies to increase your sales.

Lead Nurturing and Lead Sc

Let’s start by knowing “Marketing automation” which is nothing more than the use of software to carry out marketing actions in an automate way. With this tool, the company can carry out processes that would be difficult to carry out manually and with this, greater efficiency and effectiveness can be achieve, as well as results and greater control and monitoring of them. Marketing automation has great advantages , among which we can highlight some buy b2b email database of the following: More complex marketing processes can be carrie out that otherwise would be very difficult to do.

What is sales CRM


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With marketing automation we can reduce costs and staff time , thus achieving greater efficiency in the processes. Greater control of the sales processes is achieve and allows detaile monitoring of the actions carrie out. One of the great advantages of marketing automation is that you can automatically carry out maturation processes from a database , with this tool we can deliver an email with the right content, to the right user and at the right CL Leads time, which is discarde the fact of not being seen or reaching users who have no interest in the product or service. In the same way , we can automatically detect which registries are the most prepare and can receive an offer from us according to their profile and behavior with the company (lead scoring) .

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