Difference Between Blogspot and WordPress

Surely you’ve heard the word blogspot and also wordpress. In most people who think of blogspot and website as the same thing. Moreover, many companies use both as a place to distribute information. However, there are some differences between the two.

It’s quite difficult to distinguish the two platforms, however, there are special points that make the difference between BlogSopt and a website.

You need to understand the difference between blogspot and website in order to know which platform is more suitable for your needs.

Difference Between Blog Spot and Website

A website is a number of linked online pages within a single domain, usually the individual, company, institution, organization, or government that manages it (Source: Merriam Webster)

Blog is short for web log that contains content such as opinions, experiences, or author activity (Source: Hubspot)

By definition you may have seen a slight singapore phone number list difference between a blog and a website. Blogs are one type of website, but not all websites are blogs.

In terms of content, blogs usually


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Contain articles or videos on various themes, both personally and professionally. While the website contains certain information about products or services.

Blogs are dynamic, which means they will update content regularly. Blog posts are written in order of the newest post to the earliest post. On the spot blog page, namely the main homepage, you can see the latest posts. While the website is static, that is, it does not always need updates. The appearance of the website pages is neater and everything is well organized and accessible.

Blogs use a variety of language styles, but in general blogs use a more personal language. On the blog there is a comment column on each content, therefore communication on the blog is more interactive because it is free to express opinions or views. While the website uses more formal language. then the communication is one-way, namely from the website owner to visitors.

In managing it, blogs by one or more authors. While the website is only managed by a team of experts or owned by the company.

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