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Platform to create user manuals on real objects, distributed through augmented reality. Special prizes: 14. Startup: Anyt1me – The Table, a table to coordinate all the functions of emergency centers in a single touch. Touch screen technology to digitally coordinate all managerial functions during crisis phases from inside an emergency center .

The Agreement Between

Anagram – Moody, proximity marketing in food distribution. Proximity marketing solution based on the circular economy that aims to reduce food waste Albania WhatsApp Number List informing customers in real time of the presence in supermarkets of products at risk of waste, subject to promotions and discounts. To learn more click here .

Albania WhatsApp Number List

Midis And Oracle Arrives

Digital Transformation: BT Italia – Digital Transformation and Omnichannel, Big Data and IoT to support the relationship with customers. Solution that harmonises various enabling services, from connectivity to the omnichannel customer experience to increase the number of visitors and the time spent in the commercial galleries.

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