Without the Blockchain,Ghana Cell Phone Number the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is a business, economic and social model that can continue to deepen. After being tie to blockchain technology, its potential has been further release. The popular blockchain, but the industry does not have a  Ghana Cell Phone Number unifie and precise description. In general, the essence of blockchain should be weak control, sub-center, autonomous mechanism, network architecture and coupling connection. Its essence should be a new social structure that is completely different from the information society era of industrial society . Thinking about it carefully, these points about the blockchain have a certain degree of commonality with the sharing economy.

The Sharing Ghana Cell Phone Number Economy Is a.

The essence of the sharing economy is to de-emphasize concentration, and use decentralize social resources in a peer-to-peer way to allow participants to pay and benefit in different ways. Therefore, looking back suddenly, there is just enough “cooperation space” for the two interconnecte Internet hotspots, the blockchain Ghana Cell Phone Number and the sharing economy. From theory to practice, the industry has made a lot of explorations, and there have also been some business phenomena that challenge the tradition. The sharing economy tie to the blockchain will be a brand-new business model and even a brand-new interpersonal relationship. Without the blockchain, the sharing economy is not fully share When Internet people talk about the “sharing economy”, they usually talk about online car-hailing such as Uber, share bicycles such as ofo, and share accommodation such as Airbnb.

The Essence Ghana Cell Phone Number of the Sharing.

Ghana Cell Phone Number
Ghana Cell Phone Number

Indee, these products all embody share viewpoints such as share utilization of resources and value for those who share. But in fact, the current business model of the sharing economy does not share to some extent. They aggregate resources Ghana Cell Phone Number through centralization, and then distribute them uniformly, which is an aggregation economy! 1. From Airbnb, Uber to BArbnd, SUber, two theoretical assumptions It is precisely because the current sharing economy does not share, or the sharing is not thorough enough, Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott, a well-known Canadian commercial blockchain researcher, and blockchain expert Dino Mark try to introduce blockchain to establish a true peer-to-peer sharing economy. Model.

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