With Panda In Stealth Mode Why Google’s Quality

In May 2015, I discovered a major algorithm update which I called “Phantom 2”. It ended up being a huge update that impacted many websites around the world. I will explain why it was named “2” and not “1” soon. Google initially denied there was an update in early May 2015, but eventually explained that it had indeed rolled one out. They said it was a “change in its basic ranking algorithm along with how it assesses quality .

And with Google always striving to present the most relevant and high-quality information to users, this statement was extremely important. This led the folks at Search Engine Land to call Google’s May 2015 update “Quality Update.” (I still love Phantom, but hey, I’m biased!)

In Part 1 of this series, I’ll cover an overview of Google’s


In Part 1 of this series, I’ll cover an overview of Google’s quality updates, update history and frequency, how updates work and roll out, and some of their characteristics. Then, in part two, I’ll cover a number of issues I’ve seen on sites that negatively impacted quality updates. In this article, you will learn why “quality user engagement” is a big deal for Phantom.

First, a note about Panda

When most people in the industry hear “quality,” they think of Google Panda. But Panda has changed, especially since the last old fashioned Panda update which was October 24, 2014. After that we got Panda 4.2 in July 2015 which was a long and slow roll out due to issues techniques. After thoroughly analyzing this update, I called it a giant bamboo ball of confusion. Then in early 2016, we learned that Panda was now part of Google’s main ranking algorithm. And with that, we would never hear of another Panda update again. Sad but true. In the future, each Panda update would be prepared and then rolled out slowly (without Google announcing the update). And each cycle can last for months , according to Google’s Gary Illyes. Therefore, it is very difficult to tell if Panda has an impact on a site. This is a big change from Panda of the past.




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