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These underscores can serve many purposes and appear Turkey Phone Number in multiple ways. Form Name Function  Division The division is use as a hyphen, hyphen, and ellipsis.  Half closet line Dash, initiating direct speech, in designating a time period or other Turkey Phone Number range. In sports scores, in monetary amounts. As a minus sign † Closet line Dash, initiating direct speech, in designating a time period or other range, in sports scores. In monetary amounts, as a Turkey Phone Number minus sign  Underscore The underscore is mainly use in email addresses and URLs, because spaces cannot be use in them. Tilde The playful, twisting tilde is a grapheme , or the smallest usable unit in a writing system.

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The tilde has countless uses, meaning you’ve Turkey Phone Number seen the tilde hundreds. Of times in your life — even if you don’t realize it. The tilde roughly translates to mean ‘about’ or ‘about’. Depending on the language you speak. The tilde is also place on top of a letter Turkey Phone Number to indicate a change in pronunciation. In Vietnamese. In the Spanish and Basque languages. The tilde denotes a palatal nasal consonant. Tilde Turkey Phone Number Image source: Wikipedia The origin of the tilde lies in the Portuguese and Spanish languages. These languages ​​receive it from the Latin titulus , which translates to ‘inscription’ or ‘title’.

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Caret The caret is a grapheme (which, as we Turkey Phone Number saw, is the smallest. Usable unit in a writing system) use in typography and proofreading. Its primary function is to tell a proofreader to include additional material at some point in the text. Usually it is a Turkey Phone Number sentence, word or punctuation mark to be inserte into the text. caret Image source: Wikipedia In general. This character is written below the line of text in a document. However, the additional element Turkey Phone Number to be include in the text. Is written within the caret, above the line, or within the margin. The origin of the caret lies in the Latin language. Where it is spelle in the same way.

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