Here Are 9 Data Points That Will Help You Catch Them

Grabbing the attention of today’s consumer is more difficult than ever. They are on multiple devices, accessing many forms of media. Their purchasing paths are as varied as the flavors of the ice cream. And many use ad-blocking technology to evade attempts to reach them. It’s like chasing fireflies that light up and disappear in the dark the moment you swing your net. This is a reality that will not change any time soon.

The ultimate goal is not only to deliver an ad or coupon

The ultimate goal is not only to deliver an ad or coupon to the right person. But also to time it to when that information is needed or wanted. Google coined the term micro-moment” to capture the moment. When a person is open to discovery – looking for information Thailand WhatsApp Number List or searching for products or services. Micro-moments, according to google google vp of marketing lisa gevelber. Who devised the concept of micro-moments explained that in today’s mobile climate. “Intention is more important than identity and demographics. And immediacy is more important than brand loyalty.” google has identified four distinct moments that every marketer should be aware of. Moments I want to know moments when I want to leave moments I want to do moments.

Our Guide to Mobile Success” The Challenge and Potential Return


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our Guide to Mobile Success” The Challenge and Potential Return of Micro-Moments With micro-moments being by definition short and the amount of data needed to predict when they might occur seemingly voluminous, it’s clear that companies are having a hard time trying to manage the concept. Forrester reports that only 26% of marketers have the data and analytics to identify when customers need it. Only 27% have a system in place that can deliver ads or marketing effectively when the moment is identified, and only 9% can measure it. Combined, this means that only two percent of marketers have all the necessary pieces in place to take full advantage of the micro-moment. Yet having even a few pieces in place can be very profitable. This same Forrester report states that simply being able to identify micro-moments makes it 65% more likely that a marketer will report a highly profitable mobile ROI.



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