Why It Is Necessary to Always Continue Studying the Market and Establishing

Marketing studies and analyzes of what the market is like and what consumers are like make. It possible to discover maxims that help establish the main lines of the strategy. Position companies and mark the paths by which they will try to reach the consumer. In a situation as complicated and as difficult as trying to convince consumers to buy your products, the Vietnam Phone Number List great truths in marketing. The conclusions of the studies that have tried to understand them, become that necessary roadmap. They are the guide that will mark how things should be done. But to what extent should these truths be seen as almost dogmas of faith. As unalterable elements that help consumers understand forever?

The Great Truths of Marketing Studies Are Not So Great

That is the conclusion reached at warc based on the research led by. The specialist marla b. Royne and which has just been published in the journal of advertising research (jar). Marketing and advertising studies should have a kind of expiration date. Which helps to understand how things change and how the investigations themselves affect. The ‘truths’ that Vietnam Phone number were handled until now. The studios should therefore do a kind of soul-searching. They would have to serve to confirm, contrast or determine as definitively finalized. The truths that previous studies have been pointing out and propping up.

The Market in Marketing and Advertising Is a Living Space

The market in marketing and advertising is a living space,one in constant change and one that should therefore adapt to the novelties and adjustments implied by the new media formats and the Vietnam Phone Number List new needs of companies. Every time all these things change (and in recent times things have not only changed a lot, but they have also changed several times), the studios should adjust to those realities and they should see how this has changed the rules of the game .

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