Why is TikTok Popular in the Middle of the Pandemic

It has been more than a year that Indonesians have had to do more activities at home because of the ongoing pandemic. The government urges the public to stay at home and maintain health protocols. Most people do work and school at home. As a result of this condition, eventually lead to boredom, especially for children and adolescents belonging to the active generation. For them it is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, they need activities that can keep them connected or can continue to communicate with their friends. One of them is the TikTok social media which is currently trending. Tiktok is a video-based application with various themes in it.

Tiktok the Entertaining App in Time of Pandemic

According to a Sensor Tower survey conducted, this application has been downloaded by more than 700 million users in 2019 and this number continues to grow until now. In Indonesia, TikTok users are diverse, from the young to the old, who also enliven the use of this application. Many Indonesian influencers, actors, and actresses also upload their TikTok videos to social media accounts. Finally, many people are interested and download this application. The phenomenon of TikTok being loved by the public is not a strange thing. Because this application does offer a variety of features, which are different and interesting when compared to other social media, TikTok number phone russia can only upload content in video format. Videos that can be uploaded have a limited time duration, only 15-60 seconds.

The Challenge of Creating Content on TikTok


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Users are invited to be able to use their creativity which is poured in various ways. Such as the equipment the user will use, the choice of video effects or filters, or other features. Users are invited to be able to make videos that are unique, interesting, and different with a variety of music choices on TikTok. The Challenge of Creating Content on TikTok The demand to be able to use creativity and make the video unique, triggers this application for many CL Leads millennials to like it. Because, apart from having active characteristics, millennials also have creative and innovative characteristics. This similarity makes them use various ways to be able to express ideas in creating content. The limited time on this application also challenges them to be able to present interesting videos and entertain the audience.

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