Why Is Content a Good Business?

In the long run, whoever masters the ability to produce IP will win the content war. Mary Meeker, known as the Queen of the Internet, specifically mentione the development of China’s Internet in this year’s Internet Trend Report in the Unite States: In 2016, the Internet has accounte for 55% of the media time of Chinese users, and the time spent on the mobile Internet exceeds that of TV. China’s Internet has entere a “golden age of online entertainment”. Online literature, videos, live broadcasts, etc. constitute the main part of user entertainment. Among them, online literature users have exceede 300 million and become one of the most core contents. BAT has also deploye content one after another. Tencent has establishe China Literature Group, and Alibaba has establishe Da Wenyu. The golden age of Chinese Internet content has arrive.

In the Long Run, Whoever Masters.

The content game of BAT giants The content industry, which is dominate by online literature, has become a must-have for BAT from being unnotice in the past. The biggest reason is that the trend of the Internet has change. The rapid progress of China’s Internet in the past 20 years is largely due to China’s demographic dividend. However, with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, how to seize users’ time and attention has become the key. To achieve this, the most important thing is to connect users together first. Whether for competitive purposes or growth needs, BAT is constantly expanding its barriers. In all competitions, the most important and core bottom layer of BAT is the connection between users. On the surface, BAT each does a different business. Baidu is search, Ali is e-commerce, Tencent is social, but in the final analysis, the last is connection. Search is the connection between people and information, e-commerce is the connection between people and products, and social networking is the connection between people.

The Content Game of Bat Giants.

BAT urgently needs to find a way to effectively achieve low-cost connection, convenient entry, deep connection, effective consumption, and expandable breadth in the future. From this point of view, payment, social networking, search, and e-commerce cannot bear this burden. The only thing that’s possible is content, high-quality content. And in this one, the network literature occupies an important part. Since last year, BAT’s major Internet companies have been robbing users of their time. The reason why today’s headlines frighten BAT giants is that it uses rich content to retain users and occupy users’ consumption time. According to data release by QuestMobile in 2016, Toutiao has surpasse Tencent News in terms of total user stay time. Tencent is the first in BAT to focus on the content industry, and its early pan-entertainment strategy is one of Tencent’s content strategies. Social is the foundation, and content is the key.

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