Why Did the Intercity Carpool Not Catch on?

In the first place, Is there really a need for intercity carpooling? What is the status quo? Why can’t it be on fire? The article read these questions and made some analysis, let’s take a look. I have always believe that “intercity carpooling” is a virgin field in the carpooling market segment under the sharing economy. Although Didi Chuxing, which was originally a C2C, has already done “intercity carpooling”, but with the restriction of subsequent policies. Business fission. The business opportunities that emerge after market education have le to the emergence of many “special car companies”. Turning illegal black cars into legal businesses. And even Didi cooperate with certain car brands to launch “clean energy Didi special cars”. So in the “intercity carpooling” business, Didi is more like a B2C.

Is There Really a Need for Intercity.

Is there really a need for intercity carpooling? There must be, and this part of the demand has not been well met. Didi has a “cross-city carpooling” business, which seems to have met this part of the demand, but why is there still a “XX-XX carpooling group”? Here, carpool users can actually be divide into two categories according to their spending power: “efficiency-oriente” and “price-oriente” Didi has indee solve the needs of the “efficiency-oriente” part of users. They don’t care about money, they care about time, and they want to go home right away with the click of a phone. And what are the deeper needs of the “price-oriente” group of users? is to save money Through my long-term observation and in-depth experience (successful carpooling many times through carpooling groups), I have conclude the core needs of users at both ends of this group.

Is There Really a Need for.

As soon as, Spend the least money and reach the destination comfortablyTaking Chengdu-Zigong as an example, the round-trip toll for a distance of 180KM is close to 160 yuan, the average postage is 150 yuan, and the cost of mechanical wear and tear of the car, that is to say, car owners will spend at least 300 yuan for the “fare” when they go back to their hometown, so The purpose of car owners publishing carpooling information in the group is to hope that someone can share the travel expenses together. In addition to driving, you can also choose to travel: 【Train ¥40】【Group Carpool ¥60】【Bus ¥85】【Black Car ¥100】【Didi Carpool ¥120】The price advantage of group carpooling is obvious at a glance. It is also a “clean and comfortable” family car, and the price is half cheaper than Didi..

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