Where is the direction of continuous growth of Ma Liuji?

At present, Ma Liu Ji is more popular in the market. Poland Phone Number On the one hand. It is because offline restaurants have celebrity brand effects, the taste of dishes is popular, the location is high-quality, and the price is relatively acceptable to the public; on the other hand. Online pre-made products are broadcast liveĀ  live broadcasts. The mode of bringing goods, mining user needs to promote transactions.

So in addition to the blessing of the brand effect and the dividend of the live broadcast, how can we continue to grow?

I think that the good quality of the products delivere to consumers is the core of brand scale. Live delivery of goods has subverte the traditional e-commerce deman-clarifi transaction model, mining user needs through live broadcast, but the premise of everything is a quality recognize consumers. In any industry, the fittest will eventually be eliminate, and those who gain quality will win the world.

In comparison, mom-and-pop storesĀ  relatively low initial investment and a high degree of freedom, but the problem is that without brand endorsement, they cannot quickly attract consumers, and they may not be able to last during the trial operation.

Assuming you are running a mom-and-pop shop here, I think there are several important factors that need to into account.

2. If you want to open a restaurant, what product capabilities do you need?

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2020-2022 is the three years affecte the epidemic. During these three years, the catering industry hit hard. Objectively, regional closures and subjective epidemic prevention have forced people to [do not dine in unless necessary]. With the idea of . I want to open a restaurant], first of all, you must clarify the category of the store you are opening, whether it is to open a mom-and-pop shop by yourself, or a franchise store.

Franchise stores have a high reputation, bring their own traffic, and are easier to acquire customers, but the expensive franchise fees, unified decoration and raw material costs, and various systems restricted by the head office.


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