Where is the source of income to become a blogger

If you are interested in becoming a Blogger, then you can make it your side job because you can make money. After finishing creating and building a blog by providing blog content that attracts readers. Furthermore you can earn money from managing blogs. Then, where the source of income bloggers? How to Make Money Blogging There’s nothing wrong with making extra money through blogging and there are some simple methods to earn the ball. Making money with blogs can be done by starting to write blogs consistently with blog themes and topics according to your own interests and expertise. Once you have finished creating your blog, then now you just need to maintain website traffic by providing interesting content, building your email subscriber list, and making money online.


Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Fastest Easiest and Most


Profitable ways to make money online with a blog. Also read about: Disadvantages of TikTok as a Digital Marketing Media 1. Revenue from Advertising One of the income that comes from blogs generally comes from the ads that you install. When you place an ad and many readers visit your blog, it increases your blog traffic . This affects the money you will get from advertising on your blog. One of the tips that you need to run is to install Google AdSense to increase your blog traffic . 2. Recurring Income Recurring income is one way to earn money from blogging by phone number subscription lists implementing a membership program or loyalty program . It can also be called a “member”, where being a member gets the advantage of being able to access premium content.


Service or Service in Addition to Advertising


phone number subscription lists


You can also use your blog to provide product, service or service offers. For example, you have a business in the car rental sector, then you can offer these services. This method is easier, because you will not get a discount if the client contacts you directly. It’s different if you become a freelancer using a third party. 4. Amazon Associates Amazon Associates is a legacy internal affiliate program run by Amazon.com. The program offers the opportunity for bloggers to earn commissions by advertising. Amazon products on your blog website with a working system where a visitor. Clicks on a link on your blog and buys the item, then you are credited for the sale. There are many ways you can promote Amazon products on your blog website. You can include a product catalog (taken from Amazon.com

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