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The Group recorded 450 million euros in revenues (+ 5.4%) and 70 million in profits (+ 6.2%) for 2015. Thanks to e-payment transactions, traffic volumes on the SIAnet network, cross selling and development of new platforms. CEO Arrighetti: “A year of growth and confirmation” 18 Mar 2016 Domenico Aliperto The listing of SIA on the stock exchange, expected by the end of the year, is getting closer and closer.

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And in the meantime the group has reassured the markets with the final figures for 2015, with a growth of 5.4% for Belarus WhatsApp Number List turnover and 6.2% for net profit. Specifically sales reached 449.4 million euros . And net profit 69.8 million results – for the first time according  the international accounting standards IAS and IFRS – which were driven.

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Tablet And Cloud

The increase in traffic volumes on the SIAnet network, the acquisition of new customers and cross-selling activities. Without forgetting the development of new services and products. Such as Jiffy (a P2P mobile payment application that has reached 300 thousand users . With 23 Belarus WhatsApp Number List member banking groups) , electronic invoicing and the platform for using . The AgID PagoPa Payment Node. All commercial launches that confirm the trend of migration from cash to electronic payments.

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