What product photos or videos do I include in the home page of my eCommerce?

If you already have professional photos and videos of your ecommerce products , great, because we will give you some tips to know which ones fit best in your home . But if you dont have them yet, thats okay, because here you will find a lot of clues about the type of graphic material that you will have to ask the professional to provide and if you dont know of any… Well, here we are . What product photos to add to the home of your website incorporate several products at once the home page of a web page is its cover letter. And as such, you need to introduce your products to users who are not yet aware of them . But showing all your products one by one can be so tedious that your potential client ends up not seeing them or, worse, leaving the web.

Different models and actions

Those photos in which you can see different jewels philippines photo editor combined or different clothes creating a complete look are perfect not only for the person to see several products at the same time also, but to increase your average ticket . Because if you like the combination… Why not buy several products instead of one run away from the white background images with a white background are not made for the home page of a website . Unless, of course, we are talking about the fact that, once you have passed the main view of the page that is, the top part, you want to incorporate a section of the bestselling or featured products. But if we talk about featured images, choose those that not only show the product, but also seduce the user to get hold of it.

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Be careful not to overload

Show products in action if youre selling beauty CL Leads products, show off not just the lipstick, but how it looks on a models lips. If you sell bicycles, show not only the bike, but how an athlete uses it to make. His route through the mountains. The images on the home page of your website should not only show the product, they. Should be evocative, making the user understand everything that he can feel experience live if he makes the purchase . Be careful with the texts depending on where some texts are going to be placed, especially in images that are going to be static on the home page , confirm that the product photographs you have chosen read well both on a computer and on mobile. And when it comes to videos, which we will talk about in more depth in the next few paragraphs, even more so.

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