What Kind of Content Bulgaria Cell Phone Number Entrepreneurs Is Paying

While everyone has unlimited energy, they also need to know that they know nothing about the world.” This is the driving force behind the realization of all knowledge platforms. Growing consulting demand leaves chicken soup nowhere Bulgaria Cell Phone Number Chicken soup content exploded due to the rise of WeChat official accounts. But with the serious homogenization. The open rate gradually decreased. The content operators of each public account have to find another way. From the point of view of advertisers. The requirement for the conversion rate of official accounts has also become a new marketing requirement and a key step in evaluating whether to launch.

While Everyone Has Unlimited Energy.

For example, an advertisement of a car brand pushed by a fashion account has a sales performance of 100 vehicles in 4 minutes. And this number may be the sales volume of a physical store in one month during the peak season. Breaking everyone’s belief that fashion bloggers only sell lipstick and face cream inherent impression. So in Bulgaria Cell Phone Number  addition to the high-tech in chicken soup. Which can have impressive performance, what should other content entrepreneurs do in the profitable red sea? First of all, we review the history of the official account. Never open to open, and then the user’s awareness of paying from unwilling to willing, in fact, implies a logic. The first stage: when the needs are extremely scarce. Users are willing to open. For example, when the WeChat public account was first created, the girl-hearted writers or constellation comics who wrote popular articles at that time all raised funds in 2016 through the big boat that paid for content.

For Example, an Advertisement of a Car Brand Pushed.

Bulgaria Cell Phone Number
Bulgaria Cell Phone Number

The second stage : With more and more content producers, the content has changed from scarcity to abundance, people have more and more opportunities to screen content. And netizens’ requirements for content granularity have Bulgaria Cell Phone Number  gradually increased. The third stage: content entrepreneurs from shaping the market to being screened by the market. Constantly polishing content that can be paid for. After mass production. Those who have their own traffic and landing content at the top of the tower are the ones who continue to profit. What users buy may not be “which ones I will read” but “reading this is the most time-saving and problem-solving”. What users buy is efficiency.

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