What Is the Logic and Thinking Behind

In the first place, The same is true for the principle of “if the skin does not exist, the hair will follow”, and only by redesigning the presentation method and product function logic can we have the opportunity to recreate the business model of mobile search. Recently, Baidu launche a new version of the mobile search results page. When users search for any keyword using mobile phone Baidu or Baidu mobile search, they will see the new version of the page. This change is not a big one, but Baidu did not publicize the revise design with much fanfare. A comparison of the old and new search result pages for “National Grand Theater”, the old interface is on the top Overall, Baidu’s mobile search results page has remaine unchange for several years.

The Same Is True for the Principle.

This revision is not as simple as “patching”, but a complete “face change”. This is the first time that Baidu’s mobile search has been carrie out. What mysteries have been expose? Let’s take a look at the logic behind the revision action. What are the changes to the new mobile search results page? You may say that now we have entere the APP era, and the mobile Internet is a fragmente and decentralize architecture. So, Baidu’s redesign of its mobile search results pages isn’t a big deal. In fact, data shows that there are still more than billions of search requests every day from smartphones, and information and services are obtaine through the search result page, but the presentation of the previous result page is not “friendly” enough. Since the mobile terminal has shifte the presentation method of the PC?

This Revision Is Not as Simple.

As soon as, From the scattere “expose” pages, the changes are mainly reflecte in four aspects: One is to adjust the blue font of the title of the result page and replace it with black. This breaks through the conventional thinking, and people may subconsciously think that the text on the search result page should be a combination of “blue + re”. why? It’s because the blue font is transforme from the most primitive hyperlinks, which is a historical phenomenon, and this style has existe for more than 10 years. If you want to break it, it is equivalent to challenging the conventional concept, and it does take courage. But in fact, after entering the era of mobile Internet.

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