What is Facebook Ads Blueprint

Facebook is already familiar among the public, both among children and among adults. Facebook is a place that can be used to communicate with other people, besides that Facebook is a platform to do marketplace or marketing for those of you who are interested in the world of marketing. You don’t have to worry about how you can get customers because the Facebook Marketplace platform provides very lucrative benefits for those of you who want to upload or want to promote your products on Facebook Marketplace. For that you need to learn Facebook Ads, because Ads are one of the best features of Facebook, where their algorithm allows you to interact organically with other people.

Post Engagement Instant Experience

So what should you know about Facebook ads? Here’s the explanation: Post Engagement You must have consistency in uploading your content or products. By uploading your content more often, it will be very interesting for buyers and more curious about the products you offer. Post engagement is also useful to further increase user activity. You will get more CL Leads activity than your followers. Instant Experience Where this is different from post engagement, for this one you only need to understand and explain the essence of the products you are going to get a saudi phone number promote. Furthermore, Facebook will help you by displaying photos of products or services and download buttons.

With Videos Using Offers


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With Videos This video feature is one of Facebook’s ways of helping you process advertising. This video is usually educational for users Using Offers use Facebook to find out the added value of a product. These offers are user-based ads. The advertiser will pay if there will be users who are interested in the offer. Usually these offers are discounts, vacation deals, or other special offers. Where this ad will direct users to the registration page on the site where they can take the promoted offer. Those are some of the things you must do to make your Facebook Ads successful, guaranteed if you implement all the steps you will definitely succeed in increasing sales. Good luck and good luck. Also read other articles about social media on the digital campus website .

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