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What are you doing then? Make measurement a permanent Mexico Phone Number part of your overall communication budget, just like all other activities. If you don’t budget it, measuring is more quickly seen as a fringe activity and easier to delete again. Pick up on the Mexico Phone Number ongoing brand tracking studies. Or use your monitoring tools such as Clipit, Meltwater or Talkwalker with which you can relatively quickly create insightful graphs that say something about the Mexico Phone Number volume of visibility, who/what the sources are, their influence, sentiment and what the trending topics are. Both for your own brand and for your competitors in order to determine the share of voice .

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How much support is there for your communication Mexico Phone Number plan? And involve the right people – with clear goals, an appropriate strategy and tactics – to discuss this with each other and arrive at a buy-in. Who are these? This varies per organization, but it Mexico Phone Number often involves an interaction between communication strategist, researcher, brand management and senior management. It is important that everyone understands what you are investing in and why. Take the strategy document drawn up earlier. Always refer to this (also in your measurement Mexico Phone Number report, this is your context). This prevents you from (too) easily changing course during the ride in the event of a setback.

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The result is that the basis for measuring the Mexico Phone Number communication plan is also not good. Are we measuring the right things? And why this one? It’s about being accountable . Decisional accountability for measurable communication What we often Mexico Phone Number ignore is what emeritus professor of Communication Science Betteke van Ruler calls ‘decisional accountability’. As a communication professional, can you also substantiate. Why you make certain Mexico Phone Number choices or decisions? This is crucial for measurable communication and requires a precise focus on the strategy process. To go through this process more sharply, ask yourself these 5 questions: 1. How do you see strategy formation?

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