Wechat Vs Taobao: Pakistan Cell Phone Number Content E-commerce

In the first place, In the opinion of the author of this article, WeChat is from content to e-commerce, and Taobao is from e-commerce to content. enjoy~ The essence of content e-commerce is e-commerce. There is no doubt that this is the home of traditional Pakistan Cell Phone Number  e-commerce big brothers such as Taobao and JD.com. However, the development history of Xiaohongshu and Maguire proves that vertical content e-commerce companies that start from content have the opportunity to get a share of the pie from Big Brother.

In the Opinion Pakistan Cell Phone Number  of the Author of This Article.

As soon as, what are the chances of winning? WeChat is from content to e-commerce, and Taobao is from e-commerce to content. The weapon of WeChat is high-quality content, but if it cannot build a high-quality e-commerce supply chain Pakistan Cell Phone Number  as soon as possible, it will become a shopping guide platform for transaction-orient e-commerce such as Taobao. This is by no means the original intention of WeChat. Taobao’s moat is a high-quality e-commerce supply chain and rich product types. But if it can’t support a group of high-quality content providers that can compete with WeChat and other self-mia as soon as possible. Taobao’s control over traffic will soon be divid up .

What Are the Pakistan Cell Phone Number  Chances of Winning.

Pakistan Cell Phone Number
Pakistan Cell Phone Number

However, Therefore, the key to this battle is which side can make up for its own shortcomings first and create a close loop.  Of “content + e-commerce” faster and better. Content Supply Chain Contest A complete content supply chain includes: content creation – content distribution – content conversion . Only by constantly improving all links Pakistan Cell Phone Number .  In the supply chain can we be invincible in the battle. 1. Content Creation (1) Creator type The content creators in Taobao have two roles : Taobao experts and e-commerce .

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