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During a migration, Googlebot must collect huge amounts of data to aggregate into logs, mapping, and internal updates, and rankings can fluctuate throughout this process. But on top of that, when Googlebot visits play a fundamental role in fluctuating rankings during a migration, and it can be related to “URL scheduling,” a key component of crawl budget. Crawl budget = host load + combined URL schedule URL scheduling is basically “What does Googlebot want to visit (URL), and how often?” Host load, on the other hand, is based on “What can Googlebot visit from an IP address/host, given server capacity and resources?” Together,

These make up the “crawl budget” for an IP address or host.

these make up the “crawl budget” for an IP address or host. These two elements are always important in migrations. On a 10-page brochure site, you probably won’t see any loss of visibility during a site migration. But what if your site is, say, an e-commerce or news site with tens Sweden WhatsApp Number List of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or more URLs? Or what if you merge multiple sites into one on the same IP host? For everything to be fully embraced, everything should start at a minimum with at least one full site crawl by Googlebot. It may even take a few full site crawls, as Googlebot understands more about URLs – and how everything internally fits and ties together in a site – with each subsequent visit to a newly migrated site.

On larger sites, this may not happen as soon as you would expect

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On larger sites, this may not happen as soon as you would expect. You probably spotted your website with your favorite crawler tools before the migration went live and are confident that there is no problem. But then rankings and overall visibility plummet. What could have gone wrong? A lot can go wrong with a migration, but consider this: maybe nothing went wrong. Perhaps some of these signals that were not transmitted are simply “late and very late signals in transit”, rather than “lost signals”. Some signals could even take months to pass. Why? Because Googlebot doesn’t crawl large websites like crawler tools do, and it’s nearly impossible for the tools to emulate. Your migration schedule is not Googlebot’s You have a migration schedule.





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