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It is core business there to spoil and surprise guests. That is UAE Phone Number of course also the case with us.” Now it is manageable at a hotel. Restaurant to treat all guests well and personally. How do you do that at an organization like Rituals with about 7,000 employees, more than 800 stores, almost 2,700 shop-in-shops and numerous other activities and points of sale? Invest UAE Phone Number in your employees Lizette Lulofs: “We invest a lot in educating and training our employees. You will continue to learn and develop throughout your working life at Rituals. Not only in terms of UAE Phone Number products, processes, commerce and skills, but also in engagement, storytelling and customer focus.” Go for sincere involvement The employees are the carriers of the Rituals culture, says founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman.

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The employees make the difference. The customer UAE Phone Number immediately notices whether an employee is really involved or whether it is a trick. You partly achieve this genuine involvement through training, but it is also part of the hiring policy. You soon realize UAE Phone Number whether an applicant has it in them. Another part is in the example you give yourself as a manager and team leader.” “A year or two ago we also decided to bring in our customer service and broadened UAE Phone Number our horizons to Customer Relations. That includes social media engagement, social commerce and CRM. In our ‘voice of the customer’ platform we share customer feedback directly with our board members so that we can also actively and quickly realize improvements in our processes.

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They should also get the feeling that customers UAE Phone Number have in our store when they interact with us online or by phone. So now we have a few hundred employees who are shaping customer service in a Rituals way, with flair and personality.” Look beyond your UAE Phone Number own shop Cloosterman: “Our involvement extends further than just our own stores. We UAE Phone Number have a policy of trying to give back to people around us and around the world. We structurally support three goals. That is War Child, we offer help with equipment, advice and financial support. “We are also closely involved with Tiny Miracles, as a founding sponsor.

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