Ways to Save Videos From Twitter To Android Gallery

Social media is commonplace in this digital era. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms among young people today. Twitter presents a lot of tweets, whether it’s in the form of photos, text, or videos. Twitter users often want to re-share the tweets they meet on Twitter. But unfortunately, Twitter does not provide a feature for their users to save videos directly to the gallery. This problem often makes Twitter users confused . Are you included? On this occasion, we will discuss further about how to save videos from Twitter to Android gallery.

Using the Downloader for Twitter Application

Electronic gadgets with notepad and twitter icon Free Photo Here Are 3 Ways To Save Videos From Twitter To Android Gallery For CL Leads you Android device users, you can easily save Twitter videos with the help of the following websites or free applications. 1. Website savetweetvid This website can easily help you to save Twitter videos that you like. You don’t need to download the application but go directly to the website. Here’s how to use this website to save nigeria cell phone numbers Twitter videos, namely: Choose the video you like Copy the link from the video Switch to the browser and go to www.savetweetvid Paste the link address that you copied.

Using the Twitter Videos Download Application


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Press the ‘Save video as’ option Rename the file to your liking and press ‘Save’. The video will be save automatically in your gallery. 2. Using the Downloader for Twitter Application You can download this third-party application for free on the Play Store. Downloader for Twitter is an additional application that can help Android users to save videos from Twitter. As for how to use this application as follows: Make sure the app is downloade Open Twitter and select the video you want to save Click the top right corner on the small sign Then, select the option ‘copy link to Tweet’ The link will be automatically copie The last step is to paste the link and press the ‘download’ option Your video will be save automatically. Also read Examples of Interesting Sales Bios on Instagram.

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