Ways Bing Advertising Can Strengthen

Digital advertising has the power to deliver promotional content to millions of shoppers across multiple platforms instantly. The usual outlets — Google, Facebook, and YouTube — typically stand out, but Microsoft’s search engine Bing also has a stake in the digital marketing industry, accounting for 30% to 40% of online search volume.

That makes Bing a great platform to reach newer audiences, especially if you think you may have maximized your bottom-funnel acquisition campaigns on Google Ads. It also makes Bing a potentially powerful way to reach online shoppers this holiday season, with Black Friday sales expected to draw in 30% more online shoppers this year compared to last.

In this article, we take a closer look at Bing and how its digital advertising platform differs from its rival Google Ads. We’ll also look at nine ways Bing advertising can strengthen your digital marketing strategy — a big incentive for businesses looking to finish the 2021 holiday season strong.

Bing vs. Google: How Digital Advertising on These Search Engines Differ

Search engines help consumers seek out products and services, read reviews, and determine whether to make a buy or not. That’s what makes search engine marketing a powerful way to reach potential customers.

Because Google’s the largest search engine, with more than 92% of market share in 2020, its advertising arm — Google Ads — generally tops the list as the Sri Lanka Phone Number marketing tool businesses rely on to promote their products and services online. But as we said earlier, Bing, which is part of the Microsoft Advertising platform, does have a decent share of online search traffic, reaching millions of users that aren’t accessible via Google.

Both pay per click, search engine advertising platforms aim to do the same thing for businesses: reach target audiences, drive traffic, and boost revenue. So, how exactly do they differ?

Advertising Networks

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Google Ads consists of two in-house advertising networks: search and display. The search network consists of text ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERP), and the display network consists of graphics-based ads that appear on websites. Because Google boasts more than four billion users worldwide across various age groups and demographics, its ads clearly have a broader reach than most other search engines, including Bing.

But Bing is part of the Microsoft Advertising platform, which means that the ads that run on that search engine also appear on Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo as well as various partner sites, reaching roughly 1.5 billion users. While Bing may have fewer users, the search engine does capture 63 million users that aren’t accessible through Google Ads.

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