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For about a year and a half . About the structural use Egypt Phone Number of AB lateral influx (in other words, continuous training of people). But now we’re going to talk about really every possible combination we can think of. Schematic image of table on recruitment for your Egypt Phone Number HR strategy. Today we are going to puzzle for advanced users, because first we are Egypt Phone Number going to plot all possible different target groups on the X-axis. Our internal population (this is always first, read here why )Active job seekers (normal applicant).

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Volunteer jobs Instead of looking at full vacancy Egypt Phone Number profiles, we will unravel the vacancy and see which tasks need to be done. You suddenly see that a nurse at the bedside can hand over a lot of tasks to someone else without BIG registration. Because Egypt Phone Number you do not have to be a registered nurse for all tasks. And if you are putting this puzzle together with your vertical core group, then you know that: you really look at work differently together. There Egypt Phone Number is of course also a large whiteboard in your forest hut. It is not for nothing that the landlord of the hut has put it there.

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So take the marker and make three vertical Egypt Phone Number columns: Short-term Medium term Long-term Now you can investigate all possible combinations of eighteen target groups and eight types of working methods. You then divide this again over the three Egypt Phone Number columns. Image of a whiteboard. You already do some of the combinations in your organization, of course. You put them on the board first. Some of the combinations are impossible in your Egypt Phone Number organization, cross them out. Some of the combinations have never been (sufficiently) researched or discussed in your organization and it is precisely these that you plot in one of the three columns.

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