Using Audience Insight on Facebook

In this article, we will discuss and review how to explore audience insights from Facebook media. Especially for brands that want to reach the top segments and premium consumers. However, before that, we will explain about Facebook Audience Insight first and then we will explain how to do it in this article. Facebook Audience Insight Through Facebook Audience Insight, we will get information about 2 (two) audience groups. First are the people who are connected to our Facebook page. The second is all the people who are on Facebook. Data has shown that in Indonesia there are around 150 million active users at least once a month (monthly active users).

Facebook Audience Insight

This number almost reaches all internet users in the country. There are several filters we can use to get insights about a particular audience. The filter will follow marketing methods in segmenting the market. In addition to sorting by demographics, we can also sort by audience behavior and psychographics. Below, there are some filters that can attract us to explore: 1. Parents Parents with children of a certain age. For example, the age of babies up to 12 months, to parents with teenagers and children who are starting to grow up (ages 18-26 years). 2. Life Events People indonesia phone number who are experiencing important events in their lives, for example birthdays.

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In addition, there is also data on people who have just worked, are far from the family environment, and are undergoing LDR (long distance relationships). 3. Relationship Status It is quite clear. There are 15 million users aged 18 years and over who have CL Leads been detected by Facebook’s algorithm as single. Also read: Facebook Audience Insight for audience research Insights: The most important things in an audience’s life. From Facebook Audience Insights, we can dig up insights about what things are important to our target audience. The trick is to see what page categories are followed and liked by our target audience in the top categories.

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