How to Use Twitter Spaces for Your Business

Have you Twitter users ever heard of the term Twitter Spaces ? What are Twitter Spaces? And How To Use Twitter Spaces For Your Business?. Maybe some of you are still confused by some of the terms above, don’t worry because we will explain it to you in full. It can be said, Twitter Spaces is an application inspired by the Clubhouse application which had become a hot conversation in the middle of last year. The concept of Twitter Spaces is similar to Clubhouse, where this feature allows you to open a chat room called Space. You can stream virtually with other Twitter users.

How to Use Twitter Spaces

The difference between Twitter Space and Clubhouse is that Clubhouse has an invite only system while Twitter Spaces are unlimited. In addition, Clubhouse is only limited to iOS users, but Twitter Spaces can be used by anyone as long as they have a Twitter account. But do you know how to use Twitter Spaces to optimize your business? Check out more information below! Also Read: Is your Twitter suspended? Follow These Tips! How to Use Twitter Spaces You can be a host in Twitter Spaces if your account has a minimum of 600 or more followers. In addition, your oman phone number Twitter account must also be public and not protected Make sure you are on the homepage of your account.

Anyone as Long as They Have a Twitter Account


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Then long press the icon that is usually used to write tweets. Tap the Spaces icon which is a circle with the name. After that you can invite other users to join your spaces. You can add other people as speakers or listeners. You can also add titles to your Spaces, embed Tweets, and give your listeners the opportunity to write something and even join as a CL Leads speaker. Your listeners can speak in Spaces by selecting the icon located under Microphone. You can use Twitter Spaces to introduce your product, ask for audience feedback. Hold a question and answer session (QnA), and even hold a giveaway with prizes for your customers. The following is the information we can convey. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge. Check out other informative articles on the Campus Digital page.

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