Understanding and Benefits in Digital Marketing

When we do a search in a search engine with certain keywords, we will see a list of relevant websites ranked at the top. The higher the ranking of a website indicates that the website is more relevant to the keywords we are looking for. That’s what we usually call SEO. So what is the meaning of SEO? Understanding SEO Search Engine Optimization or what we call SEO is a way or effort to optimize a website. Optimization on this website aims to get the top ranking in search so that it can increase organic traffic. In addition, this method will help us to get the right target or website visitors. To be able to get good SEO results requires the ability to understand the rules that exist in search engines.

Increase Brand Awareness

By understanding the various rules that exist in search engines, it will be easier for us to optimize the website using SEO. This makes this method very useful in the world of digital marketing, especially for MSMEs in marketing their products. Benefits for Sales Increase Brand Awareness In making a decision to buy an item, potential consumers will usually CL Leads do research first to find a brand that has good quality. By increasing the ranking of the website will affect customer trust. For example, when we sell men’s jackets and we optimize the website using SEO for the keywords   so that our website is on the top view it will make our brand more recognizable. The more russia phone number example familiar our brand is, the more benefits we can get. One of them is the increase in our.

Save Cost and Long Term Prospect


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Brand Awareness. Building Digital Assets As we know that SEO is related to a website. Basically the website is a place to store various digital assets, one of which is a product catalog or company identity. By building digital assets, it can make existing businesses or SMEs look more modern and professional. For MSMEs in Jakarta, website users should be the main thing that we must have, especially Jakarta is a big city that has a lot of intense competition. If we can’t build a modern and professional business, it’s not impossible that our business will be left behind. Save Cost and Long Term Prospect Building a marketing strategy using SEO is an efficient and effective way to increase sales conventionally. In addition, the use of SEO also does not require a large budget.

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