Understand what PCI Compliance is, what it is for and who needs certification

Is your business part of a business complex that buys and sells online? Is it a family-friendly e-commerce site ? Or. by any chance. is it a digital intermediary of credit and debit card payments?


If you fall into any of these situations and. especially. if you carry out transactions with a card. it is important that you know: the company will only be able to continue operating in the market with the PCI Compliance certificate. And that depends on how big it is.


PCI Compliance certification. mandatory for businesses of this nature. is the main weapon against fraud and data breaches in online sales worldwide.


It is for this reason that companies need to offer something safe to consumers: so that they do not have any problems when paying for products and services on the internet.


It was for this purpose that. in 2004. the idea of ​​PCI Compliance certification was born. This article shows what it is. why it is important and what are the main levels and requirements to obtain it. Follow up!


What is PCI Compliance and what is its purpose?

PCI Compliance. also called PCI DSS. is the world’s leading digital security certification . It is therefore mandatory for organizations that process. store and transmit credit and debit card data over the internet .


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Estonia Phone Numbers Security Standard. In Portuguese. it can be interpreted as the Card Payment Industry Data Security Standard.


The standard to which the concept refers concerns a set of security measures that the business must provide so that the card user has their personal information protected.

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PCI DSS has existed since 2004 as part of an initiative by the world’s leading credit card industry organizations: Visa. MasterCard. American Express. Discover and JCB.


When they came together to create the certification. they also created the so-called Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. in Portuguese.


This council works as a kind of body that establishes the rules that guarantee security when handling credit card data in electronic transactions. Upon compliance with these standards. the organization obtains PCI Compliance certification.


However. those who do not comply with the rules run the risk of being fined and removed from the card operators’ register.


Who needs a PCI Compliance certification?

PCI Compliance is a necessary certification for all companies involved in transactions involving credit card data. taking into account the storage. transmission and processing of this sensitive information.


Therefore. if your company deals with an online payment tool. it is important to find out if it has the certification to ensure the safety of its customers.


What are the levels of PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance certification has four levels. represented by numbers. The division between them is made according to the size of the business. The greater the number of transactions made per year. The closer to level 4.


The certification lists 12 requirements. which are distributed within 6 major objectives. See what they are below.

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