9 Things Most People Don’t Understand About Seo

SEO is a complicated discipline. It has many elements and the best practices change from time to time. Add to that the fact that Google updates its algorithm frequently, resulting in ranking changes known to make digital marketers lose sleep. Additionally, Google often releases new technologies that offer alternative ways to rank. This makes life even more complicated for SEOs, as they have to overcome a learning curve to serve their clients well. One day it might be easier to become a doctor than SEO – just kidding! (But not really…)Even now, however, there is a lot of misinformation (and missing information) about what it takes to rank a page in organic search results.

Here are nine things most people don’t understand

Here are nine things most people don’t understand about SEO. 1. Bigger really is better, in most cases, for big terms Nigeria WhatsApp Number List In some niches, Google favors large sites. If you’re starting an e-commerce site that sells men’s jeans, you’re unlikely to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the search phrase “men’s jeans.” Why? Google “jeans for men” right now and see who’s on top. Medium Jeans – SEO Disregard sponsored ads and you’ll notice names like Macy’s, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Levi’s and Kohl’s. Do you really think you have the SEO power to weed out any of these brands? Spoiler: You don’t.

Google will generally favor well-known brands

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Google will generally favor well-known brands over new startups when it comes to rankings. This is because the search giant wants to provide the best possible experience to its users. Does that mean all hope is lost if you’re running a new business that wants to sell men’s jeans online? Not at all. First, you can optimize for your own brand. This way, once you have a certain reputation in your space, people can still find your site by searching for your name. Also, you can run paid ads. They can get you to the top of the SERPs, but keep in mind that advertising can be expensive. As of this writing, the suggested bid for “men’s jeans” is $2.09 per click, according to Keyword Planner,





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