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You need to know that Twitter is one of the social media that is unique and different from other social media. Why is that? This is because Twitter has one of the unique features, namely Trending Twitter topics. Trending Twitter topics are also influenced by several things, one of which is the algorithm. what is an algorithm? look carefully below. Trending twitter topics are synonymous with the word viral. why is that? This is because the conversation attracted the attention of netizens. until they start following the trend and talking about it. if they have been interested in a trend then they will make a tweet with the associated hashtag, and then the tweet continues to increase until it finally becomes trending twitter. 3 Algorithm You need to know that Twitter trends are determined by an algorithm.

Things That Determine Twittter Trending

Twitter trends are adjusted automatically for users, based on which accounts they follow, interests and where you are. you can also change it easily. in the settings menu you can also change the location according to the tweet you want. You can also find popular topics in specific locations. How does the Twitter algorithm work? When you follow someone, your Twitter homepage will show the people you follow. You can also follow hashtags about your interests. then automatically your twitter homepage will contain your interests. Trends can also emerge from your location, you can follow them, and if you get bored you can replace them. you need to know even iceland phone number though the algorithm is automatic but you can adjust and change it.

How to Be a Trending Topic


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The algorithm can identify topics that are popular at the moment. And not topics that are popular for some time or topics of the day, this helps users to easily find the hottest topics of discussion on Twitter. The number of Tweets associated with this is only one of the factors taken into account in the algorithm, when assessing and determining trends. because the CL Leads Trends algorithm and hashtags are grouped together if each is related to the same topic. 2. Number of Tweets A trend is certainly greatly influenced by the number of people who tweet about the topic. The large number of tweets can also be seen from the hashtags on each post. The more tweets that talk about the topic, the more it becomes a trending topic. 3. hashtags Hashtags are also very influential on trending topics.

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