Tokopedia and Go-Jek Merger What is a Merger

A few months ago, there was an uproar about the news that two Indonesian start-ups had merged. The two of them inaugurated the joint company under the name GoTo. Hmm, what is a merger? Come on, know what a merger is! What is Merger? A merger is an agreement that unites two existing companies into one new company. There are several types of mergers and also several reasons why companies do it. Mergers and acquisitions usually aim to expand a company’s reach, expand into new segments, or gain market share. All of this aims to increase shareholder value.

How Do Mergers Work

In this case, the company has a No-Shop Clause to prevent purchases or mergers by additional companies. Note: No-Shop Clause is a clause found in an agreement between a seller and a potential buyer that prohibits the seller from requesting a purchase proposal from any other party. In other words, the seller cannot shop for nearby businesses or assets after the creation of a letter of intent or agreement in principle between the seller and a potential buyer. A letter business phone number list of intent outlines one party’s commitment to doing business and/or executing an agreement with another party.

Conglomerate Konglomerat

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Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels How Do Mergers Work? A merger is a voluntary merger of two companies on broadly similar terms into one new legal entity. The companies that agreed to merge were roughly equal in size, customers, and scale of operations. In addition, acquisitions are not like mergers or are generally involuntary and involve CL Leads one company actively buying another. Mergers are most often done to gain market share, reduce operating costs, expand into new territory, unite products together, increase revenue, and increase profits (all of which must benefit the company’s shareholders). Thereafter, the shares of the new company are distributed to the old shareholders of the two original businesses. Because many companies made the merger agreement, therefore the merged company created mutual funds.

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