How to Do Online Business on Facebook Without Capital

As a new business actor, of course you want your business to become famous and many customers come. However, the dream that you want to realize is constrained because of the lack of capital in marketing your new business. Stay calm, because you can still make your dreams come true with an online business on Facebook without any capital. How to Promote an Online Business on Facebook Without Capital 1. Create an attractive Facebook Page View By creating a Facebook page view, more than 2 billion Facebook users in the world can find your business. Like, offline stores that have shelves and storefronts to market their wares, then think of your Facebook page as a digital storefront.

Keep Giving the Latest Info to Customers on the Facebook

Creating pages for business is very easy and of course free, and the pages that you create later will certainly have an attractive appearance both on desktop and mobile devices. Also Read: Finding Out What is Facebook Marketplace 2. Grow Facebook Page by inviting friends and customers After creating an attractive display page then start inviting potential visible customers or other interested people to like your Facebook Page. Because, they can support your business through interaction by liking the posts you make or sharing your content. They can also help build the korea phone numbers credibility and reputation of your business, as well as pass information about your business quickly from person to person.

Help Customers to Connect to Your Products and Services


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Keep giving the latest info to customers on the Facebook Page By posting updates about your business on your Facebook Page, it’s a great way to let customers or people intereste in your products or services know about your business’s latest activity that shouldn’t be misse. We recommend that you keep trying to keep in touch with customers and maintain CL Leads your interaction with them by providing your business information, product or service updates, event notifications, and so on. 4. Help Customers to Connect to Your Products and Services Encourage customers to do more with the Pages feature tailored for your type of business.

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