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Websites that offer added value and are relevant to the Singapore Phone Number search intent will be one step ahead. When writing new content, it will therefore be important to be unique, relevant and high-quality. Don’t just copy your competitor’s content, but do good Singapore Phone Number research. What do your potential customers want to know and what worries them? Talk to your sales colleagues, they often know more about the customers than you think. 2. The Keyword Singapore Phone Number Clustering Breakthrough In 2021 quite a few keyword clustering tools will have entered the market. These are tools into which you can import a long list of keywords. These keywords are then automatically clustered with the help of NLP & AI into different groups that are similar, synonyms, etc.

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It saves SEO specialists who have to carry out large Singapore Phone Number keyword researches a lot of time, because you hardly have to manually cluster anymore. Unfortunately, it is not yet perfect and some correction is always needed. Keyword clustering tool Singapore Phone Number example. Example: keyword clustering via I expect the greatest growth in interest in the tools in 2022. At the moment, these tools are often not yet great with Dutch keyword Singapore Phone Number sets. But the more SEO professionals use those tools, the better they become at understanding Dutch and thus better clustering.

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Why is clustering important? Google has moved Singapore Phone Number more and more towards ‘semantic search intent’ in recent years. They have already learned which words are synonyms of each other, which words have the same intention, etc. So it no longer Singapore Phone Number makes sense to focus on a single keyword. You’d better pay attention to keyword phrases/clusters. Words Singapore Phone Number that are relevant to each other and serve the same intent. And how can you make the groups / clusters easy? With keyword clustering tools. Also Read: Google MUM Update: Contextual Search Takes a Leap 3. Many more content types in Google Discover? Google Discover is still an unloved platform, while for some news sites it is already the largest organic acquisition source.

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