How to Create Facebook Marketing

How to make facebook marketing In this digital era, there are many platforms that you can use to promote your products or services, one of which is Facebook. Facebook is a lively platform and can be used to promote your business. A wide network and an easy way are some of the advantages of promoting products on Facebook. You want to know how to make Facebook marketing? Then this article will be for you! 3 easy ways to market or create ads on Facebook: First, By creating a Facebook page. Second, go into Facebook Ads. And finally make the payment. First, how to create a Facebook business page for marketing.

First How to Create a Facebook Business Page for

Open your Facebook App 2. Click the create page menu 3. Fill in the information such as name, category and description. 4. Click create page 5. Complete your profile photo and cover photo 6. Click save Second go into Facebook ads. How to create Facebook ads: 1. Open Facebook Ads. 2. Select guided ad creation. 3. Define the purpose of the ad Awareness: contains brand awareness and reach Considerations: contains about traffic/traffic, interactions, app installs, video views, lead generation and messaging. Conversions: contains product conversions, product turkey phone number catalog sales and store visits. 4. Click the destination of your ad 5. Choose the type of ad on facebook A.

Second Go Into Facebook Ads


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Cost by click: ad payment based on the number of clicks on your ad. B. Cost per Mille: Cost is calculated per 1000 ad servings. C. Cost per view: ad payment based on the number of views of your ad. D. Cost per action: ad payment based on the number of transactions that occur on your ad. E. Cost per like: ad payment based on the number of likes on your ad. 6. Write CL Leads the name of the ad 7. Show promotions 8. Define the audience 9. Determine the placement 10. Choose a schedule 11. Choose the ad format 12. Create a text 13. Selecting an image 14. Done! The last way, payment. You only need to follow the payment steps provided in the payment menu, the steps have been explained and you are done.

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