Promotion Through TikTok Profit Guaranteed

TikTok itself is a short music video-based application with a duration of 15-60 seconds, users can directly record a video then add several features such as adding music, sound, effects, filters, writing, and so on. One of the advantages of promotion on TikTok is the ease of viral content in a short time. Based on information, engagement on TikTok is higher than Youtube and Instagram. The engagement rate of micro-influencers on TikTok in one upload can reach 17.96%, while for macro-influencers it is 4.96%. This high engagement makes it easy for companies to build communication and trust between companies and consumers.

Get to Know TikTok Deeper

So that UGC or User-Generated Content looks more original and not just an endorsement . How to promote on TikTok: 1. Create a Business Account It is very important to create a business account for promotion, after downloading the application then register by filling in all the information after that switch the account to a business account. You can access in “Manage My Account”, use an attractive photo, write a description in the bio about your business and include a website link. 2. Get to Know TikTok Deeper TikTok has a different style from get uae number Instagram and Facebook, because a lot of its users are young people.

Focus On Quality Video Content

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So you have to understand properly how it works and the type of content that has a lot of fans. Remember, TikTok is synonymous with creative and vibrant content, so TikTok is a good medium. 3. Focus On Quality Video Content For viral content, of course, pay attention to the quality of each video. Don’t worry about the quantity of content. Then CL Leads create interesting content and have high value. In addition, don’t forget to always analyze what is currently trending. 4. Utilize Existing Tools TikTok has another uniqueness for your business that still has a small number of followers. You do this by using available TikTok tools such as using filters.

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