This is Indonesia’s Twitter Trending 2021

Twitter users are certainly familiar with the term trending topics, especially trending topics in Indonesia. Trending topics in Indonesia certainly don’t appear suddenly, guys… this is because there is a warm conversation that makes netizens busy enlivening the twitter timeline. You need to know that Indonesian citizens are one of the countries with the most boisterous netizens. They cheered on social media excitedly, especially on the Twitter timeline. Until sometimes, Indonesian netizens’ tweets often make a conversation go viral, guys… Because anyone can express their opinion through a tweet on Twitter. One of the topics that are usually crowded among Indonesian netizens is Kpop, this is because many teenagers in Indonesia have become kpopers, both Army.

Trending Popular Topics in Indonesia

Exo-L, Blink, etc. Why do many Indonesian netizens like kpop? Because Kpop idols are recognized as having great talent and also they have a myriad of amazing achievements. To make his fans proud. besides that the works that have been made by kpop idols are also very impressive. Also Read Digital Marketing Skills A Must In The Digital Age As currently being a Trending Topic no. 1 In Indonesia (on August 30, 2021) namely Congratulation Jimin Trending Popular topics in Indonesia 2021 Who doesn’t know Park Jimin? Jimin is one of the members of BTS who phone number korea is recognized as having a distinctive voice. And he is recognized as having several solo songs that have huge fans around the world.

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Even jimin’s songs have a very memorable meaning, which makes more and more people like the song. Until today, Indonesian netizens are busy making tweets about congratulating Jimin. Why was he congratulated? Because the filter song belongs to jimin has now been listened to by 114 countries in the world. And became 1 on iTunes worldwide. Surely this has extended the record for b-sides in iTunes history. And also Jimin’s song, Christmas Love, has CL Leads now surpassed 35 million streams on SoundCould. FILTER RECORD MAKER FilterByJimin114Win Here are some tweets from netizens In the tweet, the Indonesian army admitted that Jimin’s song was very good and pleasant to listen to.

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