This is How the History of Indonesian Bloggers Appeared

Blogs are no stranger to the general public, which are useful for providing various kinds of information and for channeling their hobbies. Then since when did the blog exist and what is its history in Indonesia? Are you curious? let’s see the following explanation History of Indonesian Bloggers In Indonesia itself, the blog was originally introduced by Enda Nasution in 2001 through an article entitled €œ What is a Blog € . Thanks to his initiative to promote blogs in Indonesia, several Indonesian mass media refer to him as the Father of

Blogger Indonesia The Jakarta

Post is one of them. Don’t just stop introducing your blog to people through its initial posts. Enda is also active in speaking and widely introducing what a blog is in various media. On 27 October 2007 Enda Enda together with several other national bloggers held a Blogger Party. This event aims to stay in touch with fellow Indonesian bloggers. In this event, bloggers can discuss and exchange ideas about blogs. Due to the first gathering of bloggers on that day. So on October 27, 2007 was commemorated as National Blogger Day on the initiative of the Minister cell phone numbers list of Communication and Information,


Muhammad Nuh in the Opening


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Remarks of the event. After that, in 2015 there was an increase in blog users in Indonesia. Read also about the Concept and History of Digital Marketing 3 Generations of Blogs With the development of the times and technology, the world of blogging in Indonesia is divided into 3 generations, namely: 1. Early Generation (1998-2001) These early generations were usually people writing blogs with the theme of personal journals. They gathered on the search engine which is now no longer operating. These first generation bloggers use tools from livejournal or blogger

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