There Are Endless Russia Cell Phone Number Driving Test Apps

The Internet driving test APP was born under multiple factors, and the big cake of interest has lure a lot of capital to enter. Various applications that provide various services for different subjects are not perfect. With the development Russia Cell Phone Number of the times. It is unknown whether people will need to take a driver’s license in the future. Since the concept of “Internet +” was propose at the end of 2012, the old model of the traditional physical industry has been subverted one after another. In the field of driving test, since the end of 2014. The Ministry of Public Security announce through the media that self-study of small car drivers will be gradually Carrie out nationwide.

The Internet Russia Cell Phone Number Driving Test App.

After a number of pilot reforms such as self-examination, self-appointee examinations, and remote examinations. Various driving test APPs began to appear. According to the “Driver’s License Test APP Industry Research Report” release by Quest Mobile, the monthly active users of the driver’s license test APP in the past year have Russia Cell Phone Number  generally remained between 30 million and 40 million. And the penetration rate has basically remaine between 3% and 4%. The average monthly usage time of relevant APP users is close to 3 hours. It can be seen from this that my country’s driving test market has huge potential. And the traditional driving test model is expecte to be completely subverte. The reasons for its rapid development can be seen from three dimensions:

After a Number Russia Cell Phone Number of Pilot Reforms Such.

Russia Cell Phone Number
Russia Cell Phone Number

First, from the perspective of the general environment of economic development Under the influence of the Internet. People’s quality of life is gradually improving, and the trend of life consumption concept is gradually gaining popularity. Among them. Cars Russia Cell Phone Number  have also become a hot spot for people to consume, and the number of driving tests has also increase. It is understood that by the end of 2015, the number of Chinese drivers has reache 320 million. Ranking first in the world, and the incremental market is still broad. For the traditional form of offline driving training. The scale of the huge driving test army has far exceede the student load of ordinary driving training institutions. On the contrary. It is the current situation of driving test that is in short supply and has given birth to “Internet + driving test”. development of. mushrooms after a rain.

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