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In the first place, The article traces the three stages of the development of content products. With the iteration of the Internet. Content products also change and evolve again and again. Content products may be the oldest and timeless  Indonesia Cell Phone Number  product form in the evolution of the Internet. Their existence is the diligent pursuit of human beings to obtain information. And it is also the deep desire of human beings for various emotional stimuli. Up to now, the first generation of Internet content products – portals are still diligently providing services. But they have long been desert. As the saying goes, the flowers are similar every year, but the people are different every year. The first time, “Content is dead” Going back to five years ago. At the 2012 Madrid International Media Council Conference.

The Article Traces  Indonesia Cell Phone Number the .

Howover, which was suppos to be a happy occasion, the harmonious and happy atmosphere was broken by the thunder of “reverse”. ‘We are a platform not a news outlet’ Richard Gingras. Director of Google News products and Google+ programs, said. Immiately, Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s news director, echo the sound.  Indonesia Cell Phone Number  and made a verbal and even condescending suggestion on the presentation of content in traditional media. I don’t know how the veteran news companies off the field feel about this slap in the face. However, at that time, the traditional media was inde exhaust. And even the first-generation Internet content king Yahoo also gave away the founder Jerry Yang and sold the shares of Alibaba. On the other side of the ocean, Sina.

Which Was  Indonesia Cell Phone Number Suppos to Be a Happy.

Indonesia Cell Phone Number
Indonesia Cell Phone Number

As soon as, Sina Weibo discover that its customers and limelight had been snatch away by Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat, which was us as a mailbox. Relying on the unbreakable social and distribution network establish by the instant messaging function, equipp with the weapons of Moments and official accounts, WeChat has  Indonesia Cell Phone Number  complet a beautiful “dimension ruction attack” on Weibo, which is relatively content-orient and relationship-less. In 2011, Weibo, which was reject by DST at a price of 5 billion US dollars, was finally list in 2014 with a market value of 4 billion US dollars after 3 years of hard work and the help of Ali, and soon fell to less than 3 billion. dollars. Since then, a dark-scent word has permeat the internet – “content is dead”.

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