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Check if you can put a point halfway through. I often Belarus Phone Number use a mnemonic. Are there more than fifteen words in a sentence? Then I check if I can put a period or a question mark somewhere. For example: Internally, the engineering bureau is characteriz by Belarus Phone Number short lines of communication . As a result, a lot of knowledge exchange takes place between the disciplines themselves . And projects are often approach from an integrate approach. But despite the Belarus Phone Number shorter sentences, I can’t say that the text is much more understandable. On to the next tip.

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Provide sentences with coherence A text with only Belarus Phone Number short sentences is not pleasant to read. Alternate short sentences with long ones. But more importantly: ensure consistency between (short) sentences . Without coherence, your reader has to make an extra effort to understand and apply a text. Make it easier for readers by using signal words or reference Belarus Phone Number words, such as ‘in addition’, ‘although’, ‘but’ or ‘because’. For example: Internally, the engineering office is characterized by short lines of communication. We exchange a lot of knowledge between the Belarus Phone Number fields of expertise. We also often approach projects from an integrated approach .

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As a result , a lot of knowledge exchange takes place Belarus Phone Number between the disciplines themselves. Projects are also often approached from an integrated approach. But you probably already feel that we are not there yet… 3. Write Active The different passive Belarus Phone Number sentence constructions make the above text difficult to understand. The constructions ‘takes place’ and ‘are addressed’ are examples of passive language use. They make the text more difficult to read Belarus Phone Number and also boring. Therefore, make sentences active by giving them a subject: Internally, the engineering office is characterized by short lines of communication. You can see that an active writing style also makes the text a little more personal. More on that later.

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