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Which uses a recycled mountain bike tire as its base. And fits the brand—bike tires are Schwalbe’s main product. Recycled materials can be your core business. If you can show they work  If recycled products are a side-hustle for brands like Schwalbe. They can also be at the heart of a company. Japan’s Tread Groove bills itself as an upcycling shoe brand  And builds its brand identity around its recycled material. Here. The brand gets its name from the used car tires that form its soles. While its copy hones in on the carbon this saves and the grip it offers: 2.9 times the grip and 1.5 times the wear resistance of normal shoes, apparently.

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Orange hues and a faux-disposable look via kaffeeform tread groove’s positioning is an effective reminder that customers want to be convinced Image Masking Service of recycled products’ quality as well as their eco-credentials. Kaffeeform’s classy reusable cups mix leftover coffee grounds with beechwood scraps and plant-based materials. The result? A series of cups that combine rich brown and orange hues with an ethical narrative and guarantees of functionality (the cups are dishwasher-proof and drop-resistant). From headline-hogging one-offs to avant-garde art — Recycled materials can also be introduced for a single product. When ad agency Watson & Co wanted to look back on the last decade.

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One produced from 196 recycled coffee cups. It’s a neat way to make the book into an attention-grabbing artifact that suggests creativity CL Leads and sustainability—plus the wake-up jolt of coffee. Watson & Co book composed of recycled materials Striking simplicity and a lot of recycled coffee cups distinguish this Watson & Co book via Watson & Co An arguably even more inventive use of materials comes from publishers Triest Verlag, a book about the possibilities of renewable materials that’s ended up—after experiments with kiwi peel and other materials—printed on green paper made from algae and olive oil. If some of these projects are starting to sound less like viable business ideas and more like avant-garde art projects.

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