The Old Board Game Werewolf Is Making a Comeback

In the first place, For a product to be popular for a long time, in addition to topicality, the improvement of service and experience is indispensable. Each werewolf killing game also needs to optimize the gameplay and client experience. And plan more online and offline activities to increase user stickiness. Werewolf was formerly a killing game. It was invente in 1986 by Dimitri Davydov. A professor at the Department of Psychology at Moscow University in the Soviet Union, and was forme in 1997 by American Andrew Plotkin after he joine the werewolf cultural background.

For a Product to Be Popular.

As soon as, game. Werewolf was made by the French company Asmodee as a board game and became popular in China for a while. As a pastime after dinner, it was love by many young consumers at that time. After many years of silence. Werewolf has made a comeback. Since June last year, it has returne to the public eye again. After it became popular for the second time on the Internet. Tt was value at a market of 100 billion yuan and was wildly sought after by capital. Online werewolf killing is popular in e-sports live broadcasts. And it is popular in variety shows. In 2015, the live broadcast starte, and e-sports live broadcast trie to launch its own programs on various games. And the werewolf killing game was one of them.

Werewolf Was Made by the.

However, According to public data. The total number of visitors in the first season of “Lying Man” exceede 50 million. This dazzling achievement has made other live broadcast platforms follow suit. Panda TV launche a similar program “Super Liar” in 2016 (later rename “Panda Kill”). ) after the werewolf killing fever rose again. And making werewolves popular all over the country is due to “The Temptation of Dinner”, which was broadcast in September 2016 and produce by Miwei Media. “The Temptation of Dinner” is divide into two parts: star interview and werewolf killing game. Different from the traditional werewolf killing game rules. The werewolf killing game in this show mainly focuses on entertainment chat and gags, showing stronger entertainment and friendliness.

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