The Neuromarketing of Beauty and Why Campaigns That Are Aesthetically

Should marketers surround their potential customers with pretty things? What is beautiful and what is not seems to be a very personal and fickle concept. zzzUnderstanding and using them can make the difference between a successful marketing strategy and one that is not. As science shows. Neuroscience studies make it clear that aesthetically pleasing things work best. Neuromarketing, therefore. Makes it very clear that the visual part of the things that are launched must be taken care of.

As Martechtoday Explains  Those Things That Are Aesthetically

Since the brain is “Oriented” to respond to beautiful things. The brand message has already achieved its first blow, that of capturing their attention. From there, the consumer will have to ‘work’, but at least he has already managed to eliminate it. One of the entry barriers. This also happens with advertising – whatever the channel – but also with others. Visual elements of the Canada phone number list brand strategy. Updates on social networks, email marketing campaigns, or company websites, for example.  Likewise, we respond to them differently if they are aesthetically appealing.

This Implies for Example That Spending Money on the Marketing

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Anyone who has ever been to a toy store will have seen it. It doesn’t take much effort to understand how things are being. Organized and sold to us, especially in a particular section. A pink aisle, full of tutus, princesses. And the like will occupy part of the store. It is the “Toys for girls” section. The space where things for girls are sold and which is integrated with a classic image of what “Femininity” means. Boys also have their corridors. With less obvious colors but with clear content and also closely associated with a certain idea of ​​masculinity. For them, there will be kitchens. For them, there will be trucks. When Christmas arrives, this situation becomes much more visible. As do the actions of companies that break this trend and sell their products in a gender-neutral way.

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