The Importance Of Mix

After Amsterdam it is the second in Europe to obtain .  The OPEN-IX  confirming its central role   in the development . Of the network in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin. As well as its vocation to attract US operators to Italy. 04 Jan 2016 MIX. The Milan Internet Exchange Point active for 15 years

The Milan Internet Exchange

This establishes the service and network engineering levels that constitute the best practices of the interconnection services of an IXP. It was developed in the United States with the consent and support Colombia WhatsApp Number List of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges, their engineers and major customers.  . “ MIX is the second Internet Exchange in all of Europe to be certified.

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Growing Marcelino Secures

An OX-1 certified EXP guarantees the best characteristics of interconnection capacity.  service performance, scalability, resilience and reliability ” – says Joy Marino, President of MIX -” Open-IX is a voluntary association born in the United States for the development of Colombia WhatsApp Number List with whom we share the values ​​of transparency, market opening and the vocation for technological excellence) “. The other OIX-1 certified company in Europe is the Amsterdam Internet Exchange.

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