The Glory of the King Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number Fires the Shared Charging

In the first place, The biggest reason why the shar charging treasure is popular is probably the glory of the king. Author: Tang Yongbo, founder of Xiaodian Technology; article source: China Europe Business Review (ID: ceibs-cbr)No matter Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number  how many doubts it faces. The shar power bank is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the near future. Xiaodian Technology, which was establish in December 2016. Receiv nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing and 350 million yuan in Series B financing in April and May, after obtaining tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing in March 2017. In 2017, Xiaodian plans to lay 3.6 million power banks nationwide, and the number of ground pushers has expand to more than 1,500. Recently.

The Biggest  Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number Reason Why .

As soon as, The following are excerpts from the speech. Why will the shar power bank come up this year? The biggest reason is the glory of the king. King of Glory makes ordinary mobile phones enter the “red panic” (panic when the  battery turns red) after Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number  two or three rounds. Some people wonder, why did Tencent make a flash investment for you when your company was only four or five months old? Tencent’s investments are often C rounds and D rounds. This time, Xiaodian was led by the A round. At that time, we didn’t even have the machine. Now turn on the mobile phone and look at the power consumption ranking of the applications. More than 90% of the users’ top ten or even top three applications will have WeChat and King of Glory.

The Following Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number Are Excerpts From the .

Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number
Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number

However, 1. Sharing makes countless businesses break out unexpectedly The generation of many businesses is not plann, but generat in actual combat and changes. Two months ago, I had a very interesting chat with a capital friend. He invest in live broadcasting, he said, do you know the data of live broadcasting, live broadcasting  Kazakhstan Cell Phone Number is very profitable, cash income is quite high, several hundr million every month, but the number of users is declining, because many people who play live broadcasting before have gone to play King of Glory . A game can directly destroy an industry. What is our attitude towards capital? What is your attitude towards business development? What is our attitude towards urban expansion? Often you will find that when you think and analyze these issues clearly.

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