The Four Giants of Nepal Cell Phone Number Knowledge Payment

In the first place, In 2016, the first year of knowlge payment, with the development of the industry, four giants in the field of payment emerg. This article analyzes the development status of the Big Four. Let us take a look at it. 2016 is known as the Nepal Cell Phone Number  first year of three major Internet in the Internet: the first year of artificial intelligence. The first year of webcasting and the first year of knowledge payment. The field of knowledge payment has develop rapidly in the past year. The Luoji thinking team launch the app. Zhihu launch Zhihu Live and Zhihu, Guoke launch Daxing and Fanda, and Himalaya FM enter the knowlge payment as a leading audio platform.

In 2016, the First Nepal Cell Phone Number Year of .

However, According to the calculation of 36Kr. The number of users willing to pay for knowledge has tripl in 2016. Tnd the number of paying users for knowledge has reach nearly 50 million; as of March 2017. The estimat overall economic scale of user Nepal Cell Phone Number  knowledge payment (excluding online education) is 10-15 billion or so. Four giants have emerged in the field of knowledge payment, namely Himalaya FM, Zhihu.  Get and Fenda, among which Himalaya FM and Zhihu occupy the leading edge. This article attempts to analyze the growth process and competition status of the field of knowledge payment through traceable data from the perspective of industry development.

According to the Nepal Cell Phone Number Calculation of .

Nepal Cell Phone Number

As soon as, Social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and people feel anxious about their future development. In the “Research Report on Knowledge Workers in China” just releas by Evernote. knowledge workers are compar Nepal Cell Phone Number to sewing women in the 20th century – knowledge has become a tool for earning a living. And the sense of superiority as a knowledge worker is declining, accompani by It is the improvement of anxiety. And the way to resolve anxiety is to enrich yourself through learning. The “Research Report on Knowledge Workers in China” point out that knowledge workers are also lifelong learners. More than 85% of knowledge workers like to read, and 87.2% of knowledge workers have paid for learning courses.

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