The first photo of autumn, spelling out the sense of atmosphere

If the thought of fall makes your heart skip a beat, youre not alone. With a palette of red, orange and yellow foliage, this is undoubtedly the most photogenic season and one you dont want to forget. Its still important to capture good times with your camera and to perpetuate those moments. The best way to do this is to create a photo collage with meitus layout, but heres some good news. There is a more automated way to do this. Meitu xiuxius collage wizard works like magic to create the perfect collage. All you have to do is select the photos you want to use and watch the collage wizard turn them into perfectly proportioned, highresolution collages right before your eyes. Heres how.

The Collage Wizard will then generate

How to use collage wizard want to create your background remove service own fallinspired collages with collage sprites let us guide you through this super simple, stepbystep process. Trust us, youll have the most beautiful collection of fall pictures in no time first, go into collage maker and navigate to image manager in the lefthand menu. If you have your fall photos already in your computer files, you can simply open them in a separate window and drag and drop them into your image manager. Alternatively, in image manager, you can click computer and find the photo file. If you enjoy using stock photos in your fall collages, youre in luck. In the image manager, you can click search image gallery to access the millions of freetouse highquality images provided by meitu.

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How to use “Collage Wizard”?

Once the photos you want have been added to CL Leads the picture manager, navigate to layouts in the main menu on the left and click collage wizard. Before the collage wizard automatically generates your collage, you just need to select the picture on the left you want to include in the collage and click use picture. Tmultiple collage layouts for you based on the pictures you used. You can navigate through each of the different layouts by clicking the arrow buttons. Once youve decided on your favorite collage layout, just click to select this collage. You can also use the create your own mode to create your own custom collage layouts if you want to swap any of the pictures in the collage, just drag them with the mouse to new, favorite cells.

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