The Fake News Epidemic And Its Impact

Fake news and its influence on the election dominated headlines. For weeks as fabricated reporting went viral and election results shocked the nation. But fake news is just one of the tentacles of a disturbing and growing trend of fake media content. The headlines have simply shed light on a much larger problem.

Manipulation may concern consumer behavior, commercial behavior or the behavior of software triggered by false information introduced into its system. Scammers are highly motivated to take advantage of this. Recent reports cite russian hackers stealing up to $5 million in ad revenue per day by posing as fake users in a system tagged as “methbot.

The impact on marketers is particularly harsh

The impact on marketers is particularly harsh. As consumers seek out information to help them make purchasing decisions, uncertainty about the veracity of the information they receive is Cameroon WhatsApp Number List impacting the effectiveness of local search marketing. Online advertising already faces challenges in gaining consumer trust, and the proliferation of fake content will only hurt it further. Worse still, you may spend money on ads that no one ever sees, compete in an unfair market, suffer damage to your reputation, or pay more than you should for marketing products or services.

Being aware of how fake news is used will

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Help marketers.  Saving them both headaches and wasted money. Below are eight ways fake news is used that you should be aware of. Fake news has grabbed the headlines, and while its impact on marketing is indirect.The effect can still be significant. The problem is that fake news often outperforms real news in terms. Of traffic and engagement. Consumers love sensational news. Major fake stories got more engagement than major news.

Fake news in digital media certainly does not help. In any associated content and can harm direct sales, as well as brand image. Or online reputation. And continuing to allow ad placement with fake news only perpetuates the problem by funding it.



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